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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Footprint

   I was sitting in my car outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on South Street in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It was the Friday before Halloween and there were seven days left of 40 days for life. I was quietly praying and had no intention of getting out of my car until I looked up at my sunroof and took a double take.  The dark leaves of the tree set the background. The sun was at just the right angle.  The sun showcased an imprint of a newborn baby footprint on the sunroof of my car. It looked as if a baby had stepped right onto my sunroof.
 I later compared the imprint to my son's newborn footprint and they were the same size.  About three inches.
Newborn footprint on the sunroof of my car

While I had no intention of getting out of my car, I was too freaked out by my infant "visitor" to remain seated.  I got out of the car not knowing what to make of the sign.  Should I tell someone?  There was only one gentlemen outside the Planned Parenthood praying.  So I started talking to him.  This man was meeting a group of three other men who prayed there every Friday.  I joined them in prayer and soon three women and a little girl who joined us.  One of the women recognized me as I had given my abortion testimony at a Columbus, Nebraska right to life meeting the previous week. This woman's daughter had driven four hours from western Nebraska just to pray at Planned Parenthood in Lincoln.  I ended up taking these women to the new Planned Parenthood being remodeled on South 48th street.  We prayed specifically for the doctors who may perform abortions at that facility. 

 God may give these doctors dreams or supernatural signs to prick their conscience.  Norma Mc Corvey, (Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade) talked of supernatural occurrences in her book, "Won by Love."  Norma worked in an abortion clinic where she and other employees would routinely hear pitter patter of baby footsteps & giggles of children where there were none.  She eventually left the abortion clinic and is now on the "pro-life" side.

I am not sure of the complete reason for the baby footprint on the sunroof of my car.  I do know that I would not have gotten out of my car.  If I had not been "freaked out" by my infant visitor, I would not have met and prayed with the men and women that day.


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